Brainfreeze LLC was founded back in 2009 when we purchased our Sno Biz franchise. We started out working small venues and trade shows in our local area and as we got comfortable with what we were doing, we moved on to some larger scale events. We started out with just a couple of us but finally added staff to help keep up with the demand that was put on us. Our first set up was very primitive, we did not have a lot of capital to put into our set up but it did not matter, our product flew out of there as fast as we could make it. We quickly became a staple at all of the events that we attended and we had a following of loyal customers who came to see us wherever we went.

By our third season we had upgraded our image and taken on the fair scene. We were able to at this time remain for longer periods of times in locations without the worry of running out of product. As each season went by, we found ourselves starting our seasons with a larger work load than the previous season.

In 2018, We opened a store in Seymour, Tennessee but due to location issues, we only operated there for one season. We took the 2019 season off to regroup after closing our store and the following year, we were back at it in full force.

Today we operate a Concession Trailer in Kodak Tennessee at the Great Smokies Flea Market. We are making plans currently to add our second trailer to our fleet in the very near future. If you are vacation in the area, please make sure you stop by to say hi!

Our First Setup in Lansing Michigan
Upgraded Setup
Our Current Setup in Kodak Tennessee