May 29, 2016
You’ve got to try this place! It’s so good and they were super nice considering we were walking in 10 minutes before close. We’ll definitely be back with all the kids
Sarah Mills, Lansing Michigan

May 21, 2016
Sooo refreshing and delicious! We will be back! Also, really friendly owner and great service!
Whitney McFadden, Lansing Michigan

May 21, 2016
Service was great Ben Schmidt was super friendly and actually let my son watch to see how he made the snow cones we will definitely be back for more!!
Naisha Davis, Lansing Michigan

May 21, 2016
Finally checked this place out. I had a Watermelon shaved ice & the girls had a banana cheesecake smoothie & a banana strawberry smoothie. Really good! I like it. We’ll be back.
Angie Varga, Lansing Michigan

May 17, 2016
The guy is nice and super friendly. And the shaved ice is delicious.
Michael Makidon, Lansing Michigan

May 10, 2016
We been going since we discovered them last year. Our family absolutely loves going for a nice refreshing treat. The Customer Service is excellent and friendly. The portions are large and you get what you pay for. Just a couple weeks back we wanted to go and it was at closing. We called ahead to verify closing time and the owner actually stayed open long enough for us to get there. He nor the staff didnt give us any complaints. They greeted us with smiles and made my kids very happy! I recommend this place to all my friends. keep up the good work Guys!
Michael Lopez, Lansing Michigan

May 8, 2016
Best shaved ice hands down y’all got to go try and support him !!!!!!
Delicia Mollitor, Lansing Michigan

May 8, 2016
I have seen this posted on Facebook for a while but I heard the area was bad so I didn’t go. Yesterday, I happened to be driving by and decided to stop in anyway. It was delicious!! The service was so friendly, it was refreshing to be treated like your business was wanted for a change rather than an inconvenience!! I sat ouside with my Daughter and we ate our shaved ice and talked to a few other people while we did. It was pleasant an quiet! Don’t let what you may have heard about the area keep you from experiencing this place!! Its not what you would think it is there!! I will be back often and tell everyone I know about it!! Thank you.
Jennifer Garcia, Bath Michigan

May 7, 2016
Great place, great service!!! A+++++ so delicious
Bill Karl , Lansing Michigan

April 30, 2016
Me & my family tried shaved ice banana splits for the first time yesterday … Delicious ! & great service
Sarah Wey , Lansing Michigan

April 25, 2016
Best customer service I’ve ever had. The Hawaiian ice is amazing too. Highly recommend you go and check this place out you won’t regret it! 🙂
Cloe Snyder , Lansing Michigan

April 24, 2016
Perfect treat for a sunny day or when your craving sweet goodness. My little brother said it taste better than ice cream. It’s really good.
Oacia Fair , Lansing Michigan

April 24, 2016
Location looks a little sketchy at first, but the neighborhood is pretty friendly, so don’t let that be a concern. Loads of flavors, the option to turn it into a “sundae” with ice cream and toppings, and there are also blended coffees and smoothies for the less adventurous. Tasty, affordable, friendly service… I really have no major complaints.
Frank Provo , Lansing Michigan

April 24, 2016
Omg my new favorite spot for the summer better than Italian ice
Kazi McBride , Lansing Michigan

April 23, 2016
Have you all tried flavored shaved ice?!? This is great!!! Audrey Dinise had a strawberry, watermelon sundae, I had lemonade and strawberry, Julius has root beer and Nik has lemon with chocolate!!! We are all satisfied customers!!! We will go back!!!
Angela Dillard, Lansing Michigan

April 21, 2016
An excellent little sweet shop out here in town where there aren’t many options. Service is friendly and I always like to see small businesses succeed. Snow cones are much larger than anticipated and I may now be addicted to their frozen coffees. Worth a little stroll here in town for a quality product!..
Michelle Rose , Lansing Michigan

April 19, 2016
I took my 3 kids there the other night just a little before dark it was nice and quiet and the guy that owns the place is a great person….best shaved ice ive ever had …
Tabitha Castilla, Lansing Michigan

April 17, 2016
The service is awesome! We will be back soon for more treats
Heather Brown, Lansing Michigan

April 17, 2016
Sno biz is great for children with allergies to dairy! My son was actually able to enjoy a cold, sweet treat and there are more then enough flavors offered. To top that off the father-son duo are very inviting and thankful for everyone’s service! All around great experience and we will be going back often!
Marquetta Davis, Lansing Michigan

April 8, 2016
Great place and awesome service. My daughter loved it
Tasha Baker, Lansing Michigan

March 21, 2016
I had a shaved ice when the tent was out in Lansing and it was delicious!!!!!
Derek Mills, Lansing Michigan

March 21, 2016
Took my family there today the service was awesome my son enjoyed the smoothie and we loved the banana split . will be returning soon!!! 
Kendra Davis, Lansing Michigan

March 19, 2016
Awesome place and great service!
Kelly Bouts Jones, Lansing Michigan

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